Analysis on the application scope of electric microneedle

Whitening and moisturizing: it contains the highly active plant ingredient guanggangding. It is the latest international full-effect whitening functional raw material. It has the function of inhibiting the production of melanin and decomposing pigment in a safe and efficient way. It contains the best moisturizer hyaluronic acid, which forms a hydrophobic film immediately after contact with the skin, effectively locks water, whitens the skin and lightens color spots.

Treat acne and heal acne scars; Treatment of baldness, home care, effective delivery of nutrients, etc.

Wrinkle removal and improvement: instantly improve, awaken the skin regeneration function, reduce fine lines, reduce expression lines, and reverse youth. It is suitable for dynamic wrinkles such as canthus lines, head lifting lines and perioral lines, as well as fine lines, fine lines and loose aging skin of aging and photoaging.

Thin face promotion: if you want to be thin, you can use it wherever you want! Awaken the skin regeneration function, reduce the fine lines, fine lines and loose aging skin of aging and photoaging of the face, and reverse youth. Powerfully enhance the facial skin and shape a beautiful curve.

Membrane repair: regulate the membrane reconstruction process of damaged and sensitive skin, regulate the functional differentiation of skin tissue, and prevent scar hyperplasia. It is suitable for damaged skin caused by excessive skin change or instrument grinding, sensitive skin caused by unsafe freckle removing products and red blood problem skin.

Removing stretch marks: it contains biological high activity wrinkle removing ingredients, which can activate the active repair mechanism of skin, repair collagen, fibrin and connective tissue, and reduce stretch marks; At the same time, it contains the highly active plant ingredient glycyrrhizin, which can safely and efficiently inhibit the production and decomposition of melanin in an all-round way and reduce pregnancy spots.

Specification and function of microneedle:


Scope of application: suitable for improving eye wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags and reducing pigmentation


Scope of application: suitable for facial operation and nursing, whitening and hydrating; Tightening, lifting, light spots, etc. 1.0mm/1.5mm/2.0/2.5mm scope of application: operated by professionals, it is suitable for the treatment of deep wrinkles, honeycomb tissue, stretch marks, weight loss, slimming, removing tattoos, scars, etc.

Common problems of microneedle operation:

It is easy to dry. If there is exfoliation, it is a process of cell repair and regeneration, which is a normal phenomenon. Heat preservation and sunscreen shall be strengthened

Generally, for those with thin cuticle and sensitive skin, use the weight of the needle to roll the skin

It is normal if the skin is slightly red after operation

It is normal for white precipitated crystals to appear at the finished part, which will be absorbed after applying ice film

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