Is laser dot matrix a scam? Why are there more pores after surgery? Blackheads also appear in Dalian?

  Now many people have a feeling that once a woman passes the threshold of 25 years old, her skin will really get worse and worse. Originally, she had no pores on her face, but now there are more pores visible to the naked eye, like orange peel, which looks quite scary.

  Once your skin pores are very thick, it means that your skin must be very oily, and it is also prone to acne, allergies and inflammation. In the final analysis, it is closely related to your pores. But I want to use fractional laser to shrink pores. I heard from netizens that fractional laser is a scam. Does it work?

  Can fractional laser shrink pores?

  Fractional laser can shrink pores, mainly using the thermal effect of the laser to slightly destroy the original skin tissue and promote the formation of new collagen in the skin tissue. As long as the fractional laser beauty treatment can treat the enlarged pores, it can generate new cells to replace the aging cells and achieve the effect of shrinking the pores.

  During the operation, a laser beam is divided into countless small lasers, which can reach the deep layer of the dermis of the human facial skin, stimulate the damaged dermis to repair and proliferate, and make the dermis produce more collagen and rearrange it. Fractional laser divides each pulsed laser into nearly a hundred micro-laser pulses, and each micro-laser spot is only 75 to 100 m. When these tiny laser beams act on the skin surface, they will stimulate the death of senescent cells by heating, so as to achieve Senescent cells are called new cells, and their purpose is to improve skin aging pores.

  Since fractional lasers can shrink pores, some netizens retorted: they clearly let fractional lasers shrink pores. Why do I feel that the pores are enlarged and blackheads appear after the operation?

  Will the pores really be bigger than before after fractional laser?

  Will not. When the laser acts on the skin, it will be stimulated by heat, and slight damage will make the skin tight and will not cause the problem of large pores. On the contrary, after surgery, the dermis layer will produce a lot of new collagen due to thermal stimulation, which will further reduce pores and enhance skin firmness.

  If you can’t see the effect of shrinking pores after doing fractional laser, there may be three factors. First, it is possible that your personal skin is not particularly sensitive, which is related to the deviation of the self-healing function. Second, the original skin pores are large, and the effect of a single treatment is not obvious. Third, the method of shrinking pores is wrong.

  Fractional laser is used to shrink pores, which is better than peeling fractional laser. This is mainly because non-ablative fractional lasers do not leave treated wounds on the skin like ablative fractional lasers do. Generally, the non-ablative fractional laser will not scab, and the recovery period will be faster. Therefore, fairies who need to shrink pores can use non-ablative fractional laser for face.

  CO2 fractional laser and pixel fractional laser are exfoliative fractional lasers, so there will be more blackheads in pores after surgery than before surgery. Non-stripping lattice lasers such as shuttle lattice lasers and crowns should be selected, so this problem does not exist.

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