Do you dare to try micro needle roller skin beautifying and wrinkle removing

Wrinkles are a major problem that women need to fight in beauty and skin care, and the tools and equipment for wrinkle and skin care on the market have been emerging in endlessly, including laser, photon and RF. In recent years, with the development of plastic and cosmetic technology, a tool with special appearance is popular abroad and gradually began to be used in China, that is “micro needle roller” micro needle cosmetology.

What is “micro needle roller” micro needle cosmetology? It is a small stainless steel roller with micro needles on the surface. There is an Department of Dermatology doctor introduction: “when used, the micro needle roller will pierce the skin, on the one hand, it can stimulate the skin itself to generate new collagen and elastin, on the other hand, it can help the antioxidant components and growth factors of skin care essence to be introduced into the skin layer, so as to improve the absorption rate.”

Microneedle roller has been popular abroad for many years. It is not the latest, but also praised by many dermatologists. The micro needle roller is suitable for the treatment of fine lines, stretch marks and pockmarks. The micro needle roller can also be used in the neck, chest and lips where skin care products are difficult to penetrate.

However, the scary appearance of this tool also makes many beauty lovers have a trace of doubt and fear: will it damage the skin? Houston dermatologist said: after use, the skin will appear slight swelling, but it will not be very serious. After continuous use for several months, the skin will become full and firm. “It is suggested that those who are interested in this tool should consult a professional plastic surgeon or dermatologist, and do not buy and use it by themselves.

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