Do you know what microneedle beauty is

We know that the traditional method of using skin care cosmetics is to directly smear the product on the face, but this method only infiltrates the active ingredients of the product into the cuticle of the epidermis, and can not really give full play to the effect. The promotion and use of microneedle beauty can well solve this problem. Microneedle cosmetology makes the successful absorption of active ingredients possible by generating a special and novel waveform. This therapy can effectively improve the permeability of nutrients and pass through skin epidermal layer and dermal cells. The effect is particularly remarkable. It is a new skin care technology for nutrient delivery.

1、 Principle of microneedle beauty

The main tool of microneedle beauty is microneedle stick. The micro needle stick is a massage stick filled with 192 fine steel needles. Microneedle beauty is to use microneedles and various functional nutrient solutions to roll regularly on the parts to be treated, and stab more than 200000 micro pipes out of the epidermis within 5 minutes, so that the active components of the nutrient solution can effectively penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, resulting in skin maintenance and nursing effects. Moreover, when the micro needle rod pricks the skin to produce trauma, the natural recovery function of the cells will make the wound part generate collagen, repair the wound, and increase the thickness of the skin epidermal layer by about 8%, so as to achieve the effects of treating skin concavity, removing scars and wrinkles, which is comparable to laser and filling plastic surgery.

2、 Characteristics of microneedle beauty

Microneedle beauty is safe and reliable with very low side effects. It is the best anti-aging nursing therapy. It’s not only easy to learn, it’s easy to learn at a glance. Moreover, microneedle therapy does not affect any activities, but you must apply sunscreen when you are outdoors.

3、 Problem solving of microneedle Cosmetology

Microneedle beauty can effectively treat uneven skin and remove scars, such as acne pits. It can also lighten wrinkles, treat honeycomb tissue, skin thickness problems and other effects. It is also very helpful for skin whitening, reducing color spots, improving eye wrinkles, dark circles, tightening and improving facial skin tissue.

4、 Precautions for microneedle beauty

After treatment, the skin will be relatively dry, so skin peeling is often seen. Therefore, the use of moisturizing and repairing products must be strengthened.

One to two days after operation, you may feel tingling when using home care products; It is recommended to use mild and non irritating medical beauty care products; Do not use skin care products containing irritating ingredients, such as acid.

One to two days after operation, you must avoid soaking in hot water, bathing in fire sauna and bathing.

When the skin feels tight and pulled, it indicates that the skin is short of water and must be supplemented with moisturizing products immediately.

Microneedle beauty will not leave wounds or scars on the surface, so you can make up the next day after the treatment. It is recommended to use medical grade mineral makeup.

Microneedle beauty is a new way of beauty and skin care, which can be done at home without going to the beauty salon.

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