Tens muscle stimulator [EMS] good fitness, tens muscle stimulator [EMS] good fitness or traditional fitness, 3 minutes analysis

   Electrical muscle stimulation【EMS】What exactly is fitness? When I first heard this term, I was very confused. After checking a lot of relevant information, I learned that tens muscle stimulator [EMS] fitness is the black technology of fitness. Its English original is “Electrical Muscle Stimulation”, and its direct translation is Electronic Muscle Stimulation.

   1.What is EMS technology?

   It is a very new technology, which means that it can send instructions to the muscle nerve by simulating the biological signal of the brain, so that it can trick the muscle nerve and let the muscle move according to the signal, that is, let the muscle move by itself. In fact, traditional fitness relies on the human brain itself to transmit this signal to the muscle nerve. After the muscle nerve receives these signals, it controls the muscle contraction to complete the entire training process.

2. The origin of EMS technology

  Tens muscle stimulator [EMS] technology originated in 1960. Mainly used for astronaut training, the purpose is to prevent astronaut muscle atrophy under long-term weightlessness. After continuous research and improvement, the technology has been applied to the medical and sports industries. By the year 2000, muscle stimulator machine [EMS] fitness training was rapidly popularized in Europe, because a class usually only takes 20 minutes and is highly efficient. At present, this new way of health has been promoted to China.

   For many fitness experts, they have begun to exercise in this way and have achieved good results, but for many laymen, they may not understand it well. What should I do? In fact, I can wear professional tens muscle stimulator [EMS] fitness clothes, which also helps to achieve the training effect of compex muscle stimulator [EMS]!

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