Popular science fractional co2 laser machine

  Carbon dioxide dot matrix laser, a new generation of laser skin resurfacing system, with super pulse and laser scanning output functions, can quickly and accurately perform various fine laser surgery, especially suitable for human body plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery. The system is equipped with a high-speed graphics scanner that can scan and output graphics of different shapes, and can provide personalized treatment plans according to the needs of different patients.

  The co2 fractional laser uses a radio frequency excitation CO2 laser, emits a laser with a wavelength of 10600nm and installs a computer graphics generator (CPG) to output the focal spot in a scanning mode, and emits a focal spot of 80um-2000um through a high-focus lens, which directly penetrates the treatment site. A certain amount of thermal exfoliation, more thermal coagulation and obvious thermal effect, thermal effect produces collagen fiber shrinkage. Thermal coagulation and thermal exfoliation form a minimally invasive small hole with a diameter of about 0.12mm and a depth of about 2mm (this depth is related to the maximum depth of solar elastic fiber degeneration); at this time, the post-traumatic small hole and the normal tissue between the small hole are generated Thermal bridging starts the skin wound repair mechanism (inflammation stage, value-added stage, remodeling stage) to produce a large amount of collagen regeneration, achieving the reconstruction of the dermal frame structure, sculpting facial contours, disappearing wrinkles, fine skin texture, and smoothing acne scars.

  The advantages of lattice laser

  1. Small wounds and fast healing: Because the beam of the dot-matrix laser is very small, the wounds caused are easier to heal, and evenly applied so that the light spots will not overlap, so the skin can quickly self-control when the full face is applied. repair.

  2. Completely no trace: repair and rejuvenation are carried out at the same time, deep activation of collagen is constantly regenerating, repairing the deep tissues of the skin, eliminating acne marks, smoothing acne pits, smoothing the skin, and whitening the complexion.

  3. More humane: Due to the controllability of the dot matrix laser, the size and diameter of the treatment hole can be modified according to the different conditions of the individual’s skin, and the one that suits you best is the best.

  4. Short recovery period: Compared with earlier cosmetic items, the recovery period of lattice laser is shorter. It only takes 3-6 days to complete the process of scab shedding, and the appearance of the skin is restored naturally.

  5. The effect is remarkable: after a course of treatment, the skin becomes clean and clear, the pores are narrowed, the roughness is not visible, the skin feels smoother and more delicate, the skin texture is delicate, smooth and elastic, and the skin is refreshed.

  co2 fractional laser machine is the most comprehensive and comprehensive treatment method in terms of non-surgical treatment, and it is the gold standard for non-surgical rejuvenation.


  1, various wrinkles (forehead lines, glabellar lines, eye wrinkles, perioral wrinkles, neck lines, abdominal stretch marks, etc.)

  2, sagging skin, bags under the eyes, acne (acne) marks

  3, various scars (traumatic scars, burn scars, suture scars)

  4, stains, ichthyosis, chicken skin disease, red blood streaks, etc.

  5. Pigmented lesions (freckle, sun spots, age spots, chloasma, etc.)

  6. Vascular disease (capillary hyperplasia, rosacea)


  1, patients with skin diseases

  2, pregnant women

  3. Patients taking anticoagulants

  4, people with cancer, scars

  5, people with diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular disease or lung disease

  6. Autoimmune diseases

  7. Those who have been exposed to strong light for a long time in the past 4 weeks

  8. Those who are unwilling to take sun protection after surgery and bear related risks

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