Take you to understand fractional co2 laser machine in three minutes

  co2 fractional laser is widely used in the field of skin beauty. From whitening and removing spots to anti-aging, it has obtained quite good therapeutic effects, because the fractional laser is also the first choice for the majority of beauty lovers to combat skin problems and anti-aging beauty.

  What is a fractional laser

  Lattice technology is derived from the lattice photothermal decomposition theory of Harvard University’s photomedicine experts. It is a minimally invasive laser treatment technology. Lattice laser not only reduces the side effects of exfoliative lasers, but also retains its therapeutic effects. .

  These light beams can instantly vaporize tissues and send out a strong signal of synthesizing collagen, which enables the skin to initiate tissue repair and collagen rearrangement functions, thereby restoring the skin’s normal appearance and elasticity.

  How the treatment works

  dot-matrix laser can emit lasers that are as thin as a hairline and arranged in a matrix. It uses high-energy lasers to make tiny and orderly tapered holes on the skin, which can effectively stimulate the proliferation and sufficiency of collagen. The contraction repair of the tapered holes makes the skin firm, delicate and elastic, and achieves the effect of skin rejuvenation.

  fractional laser treatment will only cover part of the skin tissue, and the newly created small holes will not overlap each other, so part of the normal skin is preserved, which can speed up recovery.

  What is the difference between laser co2 medical and traditional laser

  Using the principle of dot matrix (focal photothermal effect), tiny holes are evenly punched in the skin, which then causes a series of skin biochemical reactions to achieve the effects of wrinkle removal, skin tightening, and scar removal. The energy peak of the fractional laser is larger than that of the traditional laser. There is normal skin between the points, which is good for repairing. Therefore, the fractional laser machine has a stronger effect of stimulating collagen and has fewer side effects. For yellow people, traditional exfoliative lasers tend to leave pigmentation, but fractional lasers rarely leave pigmentation.

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