Is laser hair removal risky?

  Every woman wants her skin to be smooth, white and beautiful, but many women struggle to show their arms and legs in summer because they are born with heavy body hair. So many female friends will actively look for a variety of hair removal methods, but some irregular methods can not only achieve perfect hair removal effect, but also lead to hair follicle necrosis. Among them, laser hair removal is relatively harmful to human body.

  Is laser hair removal risky? Take care to bring three hazards, try these two methods of safe hair removal.

  What harm does laser depilate have?

  1. pigment deposition.

  If laser hair removal is not complete, it will also cause large areas of pigment deposition. Due to the loss of color, the skin is very fragile and easily exposed to direct sunlight. If the protective measures are not done well, it is easy to lead to uv sunburn in the hair removal area, resulting in large area of pigment deposition.

  2. Obvious scars appear.

  When it comes to informal beauty parlors doing laser hair removal, it may also lead to obvious blisters in hair removal parts, and if the treatment is not particularly thorough, it will also cause obvious scars. If blisters are not properly treated, they can lead to infection and visible scarring.

  3. Damaging healthy hair follicles.

  The most important method of laser hair removal is the destruction of hair follicles through high heat. If the method is used too hard, it can damage healthy hair follicles. Everyone should know that hair follicles are very important perspiration organs in our body. Once damaged, it will affect people’s normal sweat and heat dissipation.

  Is laser hair removal risky? Take care to bring three hazards, try these two methods of safe hair removal.

  So, which hair removal method is healthy?

  1. The use of hair removal cream.

  Depilation cream is a very convenient, cost-effective depilation method, simple operation, mainly the use of chemical reaction to dissolve hair. The only downside is that hair can’t be completely eradicated and needs to be used continuously. Moreover, people with allergic constitution are prone to allergies. So when choosing this kind of hair removal method, we must choose according to our own situation.

  2. Traditional shaving.

  Shaving and plucking are traditional hair removal methods. One drawback of this method is that it requires a great deal of courage, as it can cause significant physical pain. Attention should be paid to the possibility of folliculitis after depilation. Many women use body wash and shave for convenience. The effect is very significant, but the removal effect is not complete, need to last a long time.

  Is laser hair removal risky? Take care to bring three hazards, try these two methods of safe hair removal.

  Although the method of depilation has a lot of, but want to choose according to oneself circumstance. Method must choose carefully, some depilate product quality is uneven on the market, want to observe its composition carefully, appear allergic phenomenon to seek medical treatment in time.

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