Micro needle beauty care precautions

Microneedle beauty is a popular way of beauty nowadays. The beauty ingredients are penetrated into the skin through the microneedle roller to achieve the beauty effect. This paper will introduce the skin problems that microneedle beauty can solve and the precautions for microneedle beauty maintenance, so as to have an in-depth understanding of microneedle beauty technology.

Lighten wrinkles, induce collagen hyperplasia, treat honeycomb tissue, skin thickness problems, treat scars and stretch marks

Whiten skin, lighten color spots, improve eye wrinkles and dark circles, stimulate the proliferation of bone collagen, tighten and enhance facial skin tissue.

Treatment of baldness, home care and effective delivery of nutrients.

Microneedle cosmetology can quickly and effectively solve various skin problems and achieve the effect of young, white and tender. In order to ensure the effect of microneedle cosmetology, attention should be paid to the following nursing matters after treatment:

On the day after the treatment of microneedle and plastic therapy, trauma sprays can be started (for invasive, minimally invasive, noninvasive postoperative repair, wound healing is very good, killing bacteria and preventing scar hyperplasia; spraying 5-6 times a day, the skin feels dry can be sprayed). After fading red (generally on the third day), the original solution of epidermal repair can be used (repair the epidermis, thicken the epidermal layer, and have better repair effect on sensitive skin; apply it in the morning and evening); Use tranexamic acid after red fading (inhibit melanin production and fade pigment spots; use it with whitening set and apply it only every night).

After 5 days of microneedle plastic therapy, apply a crystal mask every night (super sedative, redness, repair and replenishment effect; refrigerated for 15 minutes; better effect; at least 40 minutes). It is very important to repair and replenish water during the course of treatment, which directly affects the later effect.

During the treatment of microneedle plastic, eat less spicy and stimulating food, do not drink drinks with strong pigment, avoid sunlight and computer radiation, do not apply irritating cosmetics, do not touch water for 12 hours, avoid sauna and eat more fruit food containing VC during the course of treatment.

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