Nano micro needle beauty of fashion beauty methods

Microneedle beauty is an emerging and fashionable beauty method. It is different from beauty products. It mainly stimulates the skin to open many channels on the skin through many invisible needles on the nano microneedle roller chip, so that the active beauty ingredients with different effects can effectively penetrate into the skin, so as to achieve the beauty effects of wrinkle removal, freckle removal, promotion, whitening and so on.

The cuticle of human skin is very thin, with a thickness of only 10-25 microns. The thinnest cuticle is on the upper eyelid, only 6 microns thick, but it is quite “tough”, which is the most important protective layer of the skin. “Women who love beauty like to apply eye cream, but due to the barrier of stratum corneum, most of the applied eye cream may not be absorbed. If given in the form of nano microneedle, it only needs a fraction of the existing dosage to get twice the result with half the effort.

The working principle of nano microneedles is to use extremely fine needles to penetrate the barrier layer (stratum corneum) on the surface of human skin for drug delivery, and open hundreds of drug delivery channels on the epidermis with an area of several square millimeters to improve the transdermal permeability of drugs. This can not only make the drug absorb and take effect quickly, but also make the drug release evenly and slowly.

From the appearance, the nano micro needle is quite different from the traditional general micro needle. It is more like a lovely portable flashlight. There is a small square chip contact at the front end of the “flashlight”, and the contact is covered with nano micro needles much thinner than hair. The micro needles used in the beauty of traditional micro needles are relatively long, which are prone to infection, bleeding and pain, Supporting products are generally a kind of cytokine with single function.

Nano microneedles are different from micron microneedles made of ordinary stainless steel. They are nano microneedles made of monocrystalline silicon. They can quickly pierce the cuticle of the skin, help the instant and efficient penetration of effective active ingredients, do not cause pain and minimize the risk of infection.

The effect of microneedle beauty is mainly to penetrate the active ingredients of various beauty effects into the skin through the microneedle roller and the tiny needle, so as to achieve the beauty effects of wrinkle removal, whitening and skin care.

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