Precautions when using microneedle for beauty

Microneedle beauty is a beauty method that many people will use now. The main reason is that it can help us improve the state of our skin without surgery. It is convenient for beauty methods such as hyaluronic acid, and the price is affordable. What we need to pay attention to after doing microneedle beauty.

Clean the nursing part to prevent the caregiver from bacterial infection. During nursing, the micro needle rod rubs the skin faster, which will reduce pain. Then, at the end of each friction, deliberately lift the head of the micro needle rod to prevent accidental injury to the skin.

The number of nursing in the same place shall not exceed 5 times, and the nursing part shall be changed into red. When nursing the neck, ask the caregiver to hold his fists on his chest and lift his head up.

Brushes and containers should be disinfected before and after each use. When using a new micro needle bar, clean it with distilled water and then use it. When using a used micro needle bar, disinfect it with 75% alcohol first, and then rinse it with distilled water before use.

A needle bar can only be used by one customer. When the needle becomes blunt, it should be replaced. Generally, it needs to be replaced after 5 times. After use, the surface of the microneedle will be cleaned with a fine brush, then disinfected with 75% alcohol, washed with distilled water and stored in the storage box.

If the caregiver is allergic and abnormal, stop nursing immediately and find a special doctor for diagnosis. After 4 hours of treatment, wash your face with water. Please use protective cream every morning.

First roll the forehead, apply a few drops of dissolved freeze-dried powder on the forehead, and roll back and forth in the shape of “meter” with the micro needle roller on the forehead, that is, roll horizontally, vertically and obliquely for several times, and the freeze-dried powder will be absorbed. After absorption, apply the freeze-dried powder, and then roll. Roll the micro needle while applying the freeze-dried powder. Repeat this for 3-5 times. The operation force of the micro needle should be appropriate, Take care of yourself.

Roll your forehead, then your left cheek, and then your right cheek.

The whole face operation time is about 15-20 minutes (because everyone’s speed is different, there is no strict standard for time, so grasp it by yourself), and take skin redness as the standard.

Microneedle beauty can effectively improve the permeability of nutrients and pass through the epidermal layer and dermal cells of the skin. The effect is particularly significant. Generally, the application of cosmetics can only absorb 0.3%, while the effect can be increased by 40 times with microneedle beauty. However, microneedles are invasive tools after all. Improper operation or disinfection may cause bacterial infection and disfigurement.

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