Study on the effect of nano microneedle in the treatment of acne

Microneedle is a good way to treat acne pits. It is the best drug introduction and penetration promotion technology at present; The core part is composed of high-purity monocrystalline silicon; Because the needle size of nano micro needle reaches the nanometer level.

In other words, the needle is very thin and very short. When it acts on the skin, it neither pierces the capillaries nor touches the nerve endings, but it has opened the drug channel for the skin.

Therefore, there is no pain and bleeding during beauty, the effect is very good, and the guests are very satisfied. Now almost all beauty agencies are using micro needles to form a lot of minor wounds to the skin.

It can stimulate the skin to secrete collagen to fill the concave convex hole of acne. In addition, the micro needle breaks through the obstacle of drug absorption through the epidermis It greatly improves the percutaneous absorption rate of drug components and nutrients.

The size of microneedles is selected according to the severity of acne pits and skin conditions. There are 0.5-2.0mm needles respectively. The effective rate of microneedles in the treatment of acne pits can reach 99.6%, but it is not without side effects, such as pain, color sink, effect difference, etc.

Therefore, in the application process, we must pay attention to the selection of indications. Not all people are suitable for microneedle therapy; Second, the manipulation should be light and stable, and avoid rough, causing unnecessary damage to the skin; Needle selection and selection of drugs and nutrients are very important, and drugs and nutrients also play a key role in postoperative care. Proper selection and use can get twice the result with half the effort.

Compared with other methods, microneedle plastic has the advantages of low requirements, simple operation, quick effect and less side effect, which is worthy of clinical promotion.

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