Laser tattoo removal aftercare blisters.

  Care after laser tattoo removal is essential to avoid post-treatment side effects. This is not like laser scar removal surgery. This article will provide 11 solutions to avoid the side effects of blisters, swelling, frosting, itching, scabs, scarring, and hyper- and hypo-pigmentation after tattoo removal.

  Laser tattoo removal is the most common side effect. Laser treatment may cause the blisters to burst. Whether there are large blisters after laser tattoo removal needs attention.

  What happens after laser tattoo treatment?

  After tattoo removal, minor burns may occur on the treated area. It looks white or pale. White will stay for a short time. But don’t worry, it means the laser treatment is effective.

  Some customers may experience blisters, crusting, frosting, redness and itching.

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  Side effects of laser tattoo removal

  So what should we do if these side effects occur?

  Choosing a good Nd:Yag laser machine is very important, its side effects are very unlikely.

  VIVALaser is a leading supplier of beauty machines in China. We offer high quality tattoo laser removal machines.

  Common problems after laser tattoo removal

  Have a basic understanding of laser tattoo removal aftercare. Learning these questions will help you avoid side effects.

  How long does laser tattoo removal and restoration take?

  Usually, most of the healing process occurs in the first 3 days. But for a complete healing process, it takes 1 to 2 weeks after the first treatment. Spend less time per session. For example, the second treatment takes 5 days and the third treatment takes 3 days. After the last treatment, you will be healed within 24 hours.

  Can I take a bath after laser tattoo removal?

  Of course, you can take a bath 2 to 3 hours after the laser tattoo treatment. However, you should be careful with the high pressure water affecting the treatment area.

  You can’t use hot tubs, pools, and soaks of any kind until you’ve fully recovered from blisters and scabs. The healing time for blisters and scabs is generally around 2 weeks. Following the rules will reduce the risk of infection.

  How long will the blisters last after laser tattoo removal?

  Usually, blisters last about 2 weeks after each laser treatment. Between each treatment, you will need to wait 6-8 weeks for your body to process the tattoo ink particles. No need to worry so much about blisters, it means that laser tattoos really work.

  How soon after laser tattoo removal can I have a second treatment?

  The recommended treatment interval is 6-8 weeks. And always make sure the treated tattoo has fully healed. Your doctor will confirm this at your last treatment or visit. There should be no signs of blistering, scarring, or bleeding.

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