What are the characteristics of microneedle beauty

fine needle on the micro needle. The “point-to-point” penetration technology is adopted to directly deliver the beauty active ingredients to the skin tissue, promote the rapid absorption, metabolism and curative effect of the skin, so as to achieve the effect of beauty and skin care and keep the skin healthy. It is mainly suitable for people with relatively healthy physical functions. Therefore, patients with leukemia, skin cancer, severe liver disease and other diseases are forbidden. Secondly, microneedle plastic surgery can not be carried out during pregnancy and lactation.

The beauty features of microneedle beauty are:

It does not damage the integrity of the skin structure and can gradually clean up the toxins and garbage in the deep layer of the skin.

Gradually remove toxins and wastes in the deep layer of the skin;

Establish a large number of skin micro pipelines to transport base beauty products; (it takes only 5 minutes to create more than 10000 micropores);

Directly deliver the required active ingredients to the best absorption position of the skin; The unique nano compound biological factors have a clear purpose and remarkable effect on symptoms, and the permeability of product components is hundreds of thousands of times higher than that of ordinary beauty products;

Stimulate skin self-healing ability, promote skin metabolism, and maintain skin elasticity and beauty;

Activate cells, repair damaged tissues, directly participate in cell metabolism, and achieve the effects of wrinkle removal, improvement, whitening and anti-aging;

The unique bioactive ingredients can enhance cellular immunity, slow down skin aging and keep young for a long time;

Use the natural healing ability of the wound to induce the skin’s own nutrition and collagen growth;

No side effects, significant efficacy, safe and reliable, simple operation, no trauma, also known as “lunch break beauty”;

Microneedle beauty is a fashionable way of beauty. Microneedle technology has relatively low side effects and is safe and reliable. It is the best way of anti-aging nursing beauty.

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